Kramer Tele-handler Is A Big Multi-tasker - Ledger Farms

Utilising a finely balanced TMR feeding regime and housing 520 milkers year round, has considerable demand on the materials handling and stock management capabilities of any enterprise.

For Ledger Farms, Dover, Kent, the solution has been investment in a high-capacity Kramer tele-handler to handle all kinds of feedstuff materials, efficiently. Ben Ledger takes care of all the feeding requirements and has been putting the Kramer 447 through its paces.

“Kramer manufactured the previous Claas Scorpion,” said Ben Ledger “and it had a great reputation for performance and reliability. When John Deere established a joint marketing agreement with Kramer and instigated improvements in the machines, it gave us an even greater reason to buy the Kramer. Our local John Deere dealer, Burden Bros Agri, supplies and services much of our mainline equipment and now the Kramer comes under their wing. They have Kramer certified techs who have all gone through Kramer training programmes and they know what they are talking about. So we are on a winner all-round.”

Ledger Farms took delivery of a Kramer 447 in April 2018. The specification gives them a lift capacity of 4.4 tonnes, to a height of 7 metres - enough to stack big square bales eight high, and it also has a towing capacity of 20 tonnes. It’s a very heavy-duty machine, capable of withstanding the rough and tough rigours  on a high output farming enterprise, “Yet very easy to drive and manoeuvre” added Ben. “especially as it has a hydro transmission and we just flick a lever to go from forward to reverse - it’s a joy to drive.  We didn’t want to go any bigger because we have a lot of tight yards to drive around, but this Kramer is a perfect combination of capacity and manoeuvrability. It’s also got a lot of grunt. We start at 4am and finish at 6.00pm so the Kramer gets a lot of use, not only loading a wide range of feedstuffs for creating our TMRs but we also use it to spread straw through the cubicles, clamp work and pushing up the slurry pit. It’s fully employed all day long, seven days a week.”

this Kramer is a perfect combination of capacity and manoeuvrability"

Ledger Farms use their existing attachments from a previous Manitou they used to have and utilise a Kramer mounting attachment to make them all fit. “It saved a lot of money not to have to buy new attachments,” said Ben, “but of course we will replace them when they wear out. Another big bonus for us is that because it comes through Burden Bros Agri, we had it covered for five years with PowerGard extended warranty and maintenance. That way we are covered for any unexpected breakdowns, Burdens’ service techs come and service it regularly and we don’t have to worry. It just means total peace of mind.

From an operator’s viewpoint the Kramer has excellent visibility, easy forward and reverse shuttle and plenty of power to pull a heavy load. The integrated ‘self-greasing’ system that takes just thirty seconds to carry out it’s programme, means we don’t forget to grease important components. On top of all that, the Kramer was much better value for money. It was much cheaper than a JCB, and the big plus is that we get it serviced by Burden Bros Agri - what else can we ask for?” he concluded.

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