Trailed from John Deere

Featuring a new, more aggressive impeller with cast iron pre-loaded tines you’ll get more done with a 600 Series mower conditioner. Producing a windrow shape that decreases crop drying time, these MoCos are built to handle tough field conditions at high speed.

  • Tough cutterbar: The modular design means individual sections can be replaced if damaged, instead of the whole cutterbar.

  • Highly stable platform: Low centre of gravity and tongue shape provide excellent stability, even on slopes.

  • Choice of conditioners: Aggressive impeller with cast iron pre-loaded tines or gentler, urethane conditioning rolls.

  • Windrow versatility: Choice of standard windrow shield, powered forming shield or grouper.

  • Swivel gearbox for great maneuverability and efficient power transmission

  • Heavy-duty, low-profile cutterbar with modular design and shearhub-protected disks

  • Impeller conditioner for intensive conditioning and consistent swath forming

  • Rotary rolls conditioner provides gentle conditioning of leafy forage crops like alfalfa or clover

  • Fast and handy adjustment of ground pressure and height of cut (HOC)

  • Parallel kinematic chassis design for perfect floating performance and excellent ground contour following

  • Quick knives exchange for more uptime and operator comfort

  • Versatile windrowing solutions provide a perfect initial situation for following harvesting operations