8000A E-Cut Hybrid

Fairway Mowers from John Deere

Get the control and the results that you’ve always dreamed of Now your presence can be felt on every part of your course. That’s the control you get with the new A Model mowers from John Deere. Thanks to our TechControl display, no matter who is operating the mower, you can easily program these mowers to mow and turn at exact speeds, to transport at preset speeds, and to lock in fuel savings. You can also plug in service reminders and get diagnostic feedback quickly and accurately. And all of your operators can now perform in a more consistent fashion.

  • Powerful turbocharged diesel engines for increased performance

  • Reduced sound levels and fuel consumption at 2300 rpm

  • Unique three-wheel stance and smooth tires for excellent maneuverability and after-cut appearance

  • Electric reel drive system eliminates all potential leak points in the reel circuit

  • Brushless electric reel motors for compact design and optimal efficiency

  • 48-V, 180-amp alternator powers reel drive motors, requiring no additional batteries on unit

  • TechControl display maximizes performance and uptime by allowing more control in operation and diagnostics

  • eHydro™ hydrostatic pump and large-capacity wheel motors for serious hill-climbing capabilities

  • GRIP all-wheel drive traction system moves flow from wheels that slip to those that grip

  • Double-acting, dual-rod hydraulic steering cylinder makes lines as straight as on greens, now on fairways

  • MTSpiral and MTGrooved roller options for most any turf condition

  • Cutting units are stable for easy transporting