Self Propelled Forage Harvester from John Deere

Reliability, cutting performance and cost of operation are the three most important factors when choosing a new forager. Better reliability means more uptime. Precision cutting brings more value to your customers. And lower cost of operation delivers more profitability. Only the 8000 Series gives your business more.

  • Max. Power: 397 kW (540 hp)

  • Cutterhead housing width: 686 mm

  • Length of cut with 40 knives: 7-26 mm in 1 mm steps

  • Length of cut with 56 knives: 5-19 mm in 1 mm steps

  • Advanced comfort and serviceability improve performance and uptime

  • Heavier designed components increase reliability while improving uptime and lowering cost of operation

  • Optimal design and positioning of components increases crop delivery performance

  • Maximize animal performance through forage quality

  • Best-in-class power efficiency delivers unmatched performance in the field