Combine from John Deere

Harvest in record time Higher threshing performance in tough conditions: The unique multi-drum threshing system with the crops flowing above the rear beater ensures a consistent crop flow without sharp bends or abrupt changes in direction. This guarantees excellent grain and straw quality and reduces power requirements. The Tangential Plus Separator with 800 mm is one of the biggest on the market which offers more separation. With for the season 19 we designed the Tangential Plus concave underneath with up to 10% more performance. The new John Deere Tracks keep you harvesting also when it comes to unstable ground and muddy conditions thanks to our unique new design. The extra large footprint with 30% larger footprint, reduces soil compaction. The new suspension system ensures 20% more comfort and a smoother ride.

  • 9,0 l PowerTech PSS engine, 335 kW/455 hp max Power (ECE R120)

  • Channel width 1,670 mm

  • Total active separation area: 4.00 m²

  • Total cleaning shoe area: 6.30 m²

  • Interactive Combine Adjust (ICA) combine optimisation

  • New John Deere Tracks with 30% bigger footprint

  • New for model year 2020 T-Series Combines

  • Large and comfortable cab

  • Large 660-mm (26-in.) threshing drum

  • Large active separation area

  • Xtra Large separator