Combine from John Deere

Harvest in record time The W-Series will support you with clever technology, valuable features and innovative services so you can work faster, more comfortably and efficiently – for top performance under all conditions. The large active separation area and the large 660 mm threshing drum increase the Performance without compromising on straw quality or fuel consumption. The DynaFlo Plus cleaning system with large shoe area ensure ultra-low loss levels and superb grain quality in the grain tank. NEW Sectional concave: up to 12% more Performance In the front of the main threshing concave two removable concave parts are mounted which cover the first bit of the concave, and for which three concave types are available – small grain, universal and round bar inserts. The second part of the concave consists of a fixed universal concave grid which covers the remaining area. Field tests have shown that exchanging the concaves is worth the effort: moving from the universal section concave to small grain concave in tough threshing conditions delivers up to 12% more performance.

  • 9 l PowerTech PSS engine, 285 kW/387 hp max Power

  • Channel width/ Cylinder diameter: 1,670 mm / 660 mm

  • Total active separation area: 1.80 m²

  • New Sectional Concave for up to 12% more performance

  • Total cleaning shoe area (with front chaffer): 6.30 m²

  • Interactive Combine Adjust (ICA) automatic combine optimisation

  • Large and comfortable cab

  • Large 660-mm (26-in.) threshing drum

  • Large separation area

  • Fast crop conversion

  • Large walker area with power separator