Gator Cross-Over Utility Vehicles from John Deere

It. Does. Everything. Introducing ourXUV590M: the Swiss Army knife you’ve been waiting for. Our fastest Crossover?Check. Hefty cargo box? Check. Independent suspension, hill starts, tough asnails? Check, check, check. Prepare yourself for the freedom of flexibility.

  • Petrol Engine

  • Four-wheel independent suspension for excellent ride and handling

  • Balanced acceleration and top speed

  • Quiet and comfortable operator station

  • Power Steering with anti-kick back feature

  • Road Homologation

  • Delivers quick acceleration and provides a top speed of more than 48 mph (77 km/h)

  • Designed for all-day comfort with many vehicle conveniences

  • Large, extra-durable, one-piece cargo box ensures hard-driving performance and longevity

  • Four-wheel independent suspension provides unparalleled ride over challenging terrain and excellent handling through corners

  • Standard power steering for excellent handling characteristics and low steering effort