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John Deere's T&C Are Changing

Come 1st March 2021, the Terms and Conditions for John Deere’s Operations Center are changing. It is important that you read this email in order to understand what it means for your business. Without understanding and accepting these Terms and Conditions, unfortunately your My John Deere Organisation will be deleted. This post will tell you what to do and offer full transparency on why it is happening.

Data and its ownership is a very important issue. Currently, it is difficult for us to determine the “true legal entity” and the “responsible party” that is responsible for and controls the data within your My John Deere organisation. Therefore, when you log into Operations Center, the JDLink Dashboard or the My Operations App for the first time either during or after 01/03/2021, you will be provided with a workflow, within which you will be prompted to define the legal entity of your Organisation i.e. “John’s Farm Ltd”.

Currently, some of our customers organisations will be called something like “John’s Farm” but going forward it is important that are the legal entity that your business operates under e.g. “John’s Farm Ltd”. The responsible party must also be identified, and this will automatically be designated as the person who administers this information within the workflow. Therefore, it is important that it should be you who does this and not a member of your staff. This way, John Deere knows precisely which business it is that owns the data and who the responsible party is for this data.

In addition, you will be prompted to review and administer a series of other issues relating to your Organisation such as staff member access and machines currently within your organisation. 

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