Quality Assured machines are ex-hire / second hand machines that come with a 6 month or 500 hr Burden Bros Agri Ltd warranty. They have undergone a thorough workshop checklist and have had a hydraulic, dyno and AC test. A full service history is guaranteed and all tractors will have a minimum of 30% tyre tread. Subject to terms and conditions (tractors that include PowerGard are subject to additional terms and conditions) - available upon request.

What We Test

All of the below is checked before a tractor can become a Quality Assured tractor. If anything is found to be wrong, it is rectified, then tested again.

When browsing our used equipment look out of the BB⁴ quality assured logo.

Front Axle

  • Front axle seals and knuckle housings

  • Axle & Hub Oil Levels

  • Clearance bearings knuckle housing

  • Hydraulic cylinders (TLS/ILS-axle)

  • Clearance Steering Ball Joints

  • Clearance panhard-rod (TLS-axle)

  • Clearance upper/lower arm (ILS-axle)

  • Clearance ILS-driveline (ILS-axle)

  • Clearance MFWD drive line

  • Clearance double cardan shaft

  • Front fenders


  • Oil level, change oil if due

  • Water pump seals check

  • VariCool fan drive (8X30 only)

  • CoolGard level and change interval

  • Belts and Idlers

  • Exhaust Pipe Corrosion / Security of Flex / Muffler


  • Wear / Operation PUH & Drawbar

  • Wear centre-link

  • Wear draft links hooks and bushings / balls

  • Wear lift link bushings

  • Draft links stabilisers

  • PTO guard and seals

  • Hydraulic couplers / cylinders seals

  • Dust protector for hydraulics

  • Fender extensions

  • Chock blocks

  • Reflectors

  • Guide ball holder if fitted?

  • Hitch holder if fitted?

  • Oil Level & Condition


  • Steps

  • Seat cushions and armrests appearance

  • Seat Suspension Functionality

  • Instructional seat folding mechanism and appearance

  • Functionality of the door and window gas struts

  • Rear view mirrors (internal, external)

  • Lights functionality (all)

  • Functionality of the blower

  • Functionality of the air conditioning

  • Functionality of the Operator Controls / Switches

  • Error codes listed

  • Wiper blades

  • Washer - Wiper System / Reservoir Functionality

  • Tool box

  • Sun visor / sun shade

  • Weather Strip door / windows

  • Floor mat

  • Seat belt driver seat & instructional seat

  • Suspension for instructional seat if fitted?

  • Bottle holder if fitted?

  • Additional storage container if fitted?

  • Additional lights if fitted?

Dyno Test

  • Check all round for any leaks

  • Test Hydraulic Pressures (Standby & Max)

  • Test Transmission Pressures

  • Test Trailer brake Pressures (Hydraulic and Air)

  • Grease all Nipples and confirm Functionality

  • Dyno test (HP/kW @ 1000 RPN on PTO)

Hydraulic Test

  • Flow meter reading

Air Conditioning Test

  • Check that system is fully functional